Wait, old technology doesn't work today?

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I recently got a new laptop to replace my seven year old computer. My old computer was quite slow and could barely handle anything remotely "large" in Flash, such as Hulu or 2D Chess. In the midst of installing all the peripherals and software I came across an error with my old scanner and Windows 7 (64-bit). It's just not supported correctly. The scanner's that old. It's not 15 years old as the image may have led you to believe. Ha, just thinking about a scanner that old is comical. The scanner would be bigger than a shelf and only scan 256 shades of gray.

I suppose I'll have to swap out my scanner at work with this one (the one I was supposed to get reimbursed as a business expense, but realized it better off to just get a new one for myself).

Also, what's up with my fat arm? Sheesh! So fat!

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