Ira Glass explains how to get better at your craft.

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I couldn't have put it better myself (I really couldn't). It wasn't only until a few years ago until I realized this. Ira Glass, host and one of the folks who work on the fantastic radio program This American Life, has taken some time to explain how one is to hone their craft. It's through practice and diligence that you get better, not just hoping your innate talent will get you lucky. Your aspirations are the goal. Your current skill level relative to that is the gap.

He goes to talk about the churning out of work, even if it's sub-par work, that makes you better at your craft. You close that gap. You become faster and more efficient at what you do. You are then able to learn new techniques that make things easier. It's too easy to give up when you're not good at something. How do you get good at something? You practice. Producing work is how you practice in craft. Fill those sketch books. Make those games. Record those tracks.

For example, one obvious thing I've noticed is that I'm a lot better with a tablet now than I was eight years ago, when I ended up just using it as a mouse to surf the net.

I have a man-crush on this man.

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