Crafts - Magic Photo Cube!

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I spent most of last week building this "magic photo cube". You can read about it in the February issue of MAKE magazine. They also have the Make article online. The reason it took so long was basically finding the images from magazines, cutting them into little 1" x 1" blocks and using rubber cement to get them to stick to the wooden blocks.

The "magic photo cube" will allow for eight square images and two long images. I decided that since my magazine repository mainly consists of video game magazines that this would be the subject of the cube. I have a picture of Bayonetta, Halo, Final Fantasy XIII, P.B. Winterbottom, Wario, Pokemon, Wario, 3D Dot Heroes, Mass Effect 2 and DJ Hero (Daft Punk). I recommend you crafty folks to make one this week!

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