I Double Down'd.

Listening to: Wayne Brady - Ordinary

To the chagrin of many health enthusiasts, I (amongst five other coworkers) went to a "local" Kentucky Fried Chicken and ordered the internet monstrosity known as the Double Down. It actually took one hour to get there via public transportation and get back to the office where we all sat together, ate together and communed.

For those unfamiliar with the new sandwich spawned by the internet, the Double Down is Kentucky Fried Chicken's new sandwich. They've essentially created a sandwich of bacon, cheese and mayo. Then they get rid of the bread and replace it with chicken breasts. There's chicken where the bread should be.

Frankly, the sandwich really wasn't that bad. It just felt like eating two chicken breasts and eating a few strips of Wendy's bacon. You could do much worse going to McDonald's and getting a Big Mac. I actually would've liked it if there were slices of tomatoes and lettuce, but I suppose I wouldn't trust to eat any "produce" at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The idea of the Double Down is much worse than the sandwich itself. I will admit, however, that I would've been more happy getting a two piece meal, which ironically would've probably been much worse (the Double Down supposedly measures in at just under 500 calories).

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