Achievement Denied

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I recently purchased Final Fight: Double Impact for my XBOX360. It's a nice retro compilation of both Final Fight and Magic Sword. I am pretty sure, however, that I already own several iterations of this game on separate "best of" collections strewn about my game collection.

For those unfamiliar, Final Fight is a side scrolling beat-'em-up game made by Capcom. You're on a mission to save Jessica, the daughter of mayor Mike Haggar, who has been kidnapped by a gang of misfits who, I can only imagine, hide turkey legs in trash cans. You can also select from Cody, who is Jessica's boyfriend, or Guy, their mutual ninja friend. I usually choose Guy.

There's a neat feature in the game where someone can randomly join your game. It's to be like someone at the arcade putting in a quarter and being your beat-'em-up buddy for a period of time. It's like, "we're working together and we're beating up transexuals in Final Fight." It was a neat feature, until we both died at the same time.

When we were selecting our characters, this mystery gamer that joined my game chose Guy. That meant I was stuck using Cody or Haggar. I've played through 95% of this game as Guy and this random person jumps in at the end of the game and chooses my character. I'm not mad or even irritated, just slightly... slighted. The main issue arises from the fact that there is an achievement for this game that requires you to beat all the levels as Guy.

I'm not a huge achievement whore, but I like earning them when I feel like I deserve them. Sometimes the challenges are actually pretty fun to try to complete and when something isn't ridiculously out of the way (i.e. collect all 2.5 million orbs in the game), I like to go for them. This one was more of a "pat on the back", which I would have liked to have added like a merit badge on a sash. However, due to this little swapping of characters, the achievement did not unlock and I was stuck with Cody (who eventually finds himself in prison for fighting in Street Fighter Alpha 3). I was denied this little award at the very end of the game.

It's not that big of a deal. I know it's just a game and a silly achievement. It does, however, make for a fun story to talk about and say, "what the hey!" What the hey, indeed. Oh, and to add to the douchebaggery of the situation, he also punched me during the last boss fight and knocked me to the ground. During this time he took the last hit on the final boss and knocked him out the window, thus making him the one who saved the day.

How disappointing.

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