DIY GBA Flash Drive

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I decided to actually break out the Dremel this weekend and work on a quick project. I must say that using this to cut/shave plastic was not only fast, but ever so rewarding. Just watching it slowly melt away plastic at the sheer speed of the spinning bit made me to want to just find random stuff to cut. Anyway! On to the project!

As you can see above, I decided to stick a USB Flash drive inside a Gameboy Advance cartridge. This would allow me to store data for the go while looking extra nerdy. I had a cartridge laying around of a game that I will never play again (I own the better PC counterpart). The process is actually quite simple.

First, purchase a USB Flash drive that is as small as possible. I went with the HP v115w USB 2.0 Flash Drive because of its size and price. Without the protective swivel portion, the USB Flash drive fits perfectly inside the Gameboy Advance casing.

The next step is to simply decide where you want the USB Flash drive to be sticking out and shave off that portion on the inside of the Gameboy Advance game case. I've seen it done where it sticks out from the bottom center, but I figured that it takes up too much real estate in terms of when its plugged into the computer. You're likely to block other ports when you do it like that. That's why I chose the upper corner, minimizing such conflicts as much as possible.

Simply secure the USB Flash drive and close it up. I didn't have my hot glue gun with me, so I used a combination of Gorilla Tape and liquid adhesive. It's pretty secure at this point and I now have a great unique USB Flash drive to use.

It's up over at Etsy if you're interested in buying it. I figure if you have the tools and time, you should just make your own. It was a fun project to work on and very quick!

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