I'm a Pokemon Master... sort of.

Listening to: The Hit Crew - Pokemon Theme
I've been playing Pokemon SoulSilver on the train for the last few weeks and I've been going crazy at it. I've never actually completed a Pokemon game before (though I've owned three prior) and this is the closest I've ever been. I mean I've gotten all eight badges! I'm on Victory Road! I've got this level 50 electric sheep thing that can THUNDERPUNCH the teeth out of your mouth and out your ears!

I wish the game were a bit less linear. Like, I've seriously got eight badges. I've beaten all the gym leaders in this place. I could very easily open up my own Pokemon training school. I mean I've essentially been accredited, right? I imagine I could make a pretty good living as the guy who beat all eight gym leaders in the region. I figure I'd also have enough Pokecredit (ha, I made that up) for capturing Lugia... the Pokemon on the friggin' box. It would then turn into this weird simulation game where I teach students and then buy a house, save up some money, invest in some PokeStock, marry one of the Nurse Joys and live a comfortable life until I keel over and kick the bucket. It's like the ultimate ending! Alas, I do not have this choice. I'm forced to battle.

Anyway, I figured my current progress in the game was worth a post. It's much more important than copying photos off of my digital camera and posting them up. I mean, seriously, Portland vs. Pokemon? What a no brainer.

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