Comic - I'll buy the book.

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I stopped by Borders this morning and took a walk around the business and money section. I sometimes like picking up books similar to Freakonomics and Buyology. I actually found a book I want to read called Free: How Today's Smartest Businesses Profit by Giving Something for Nothing and will most likely be picking it up soon.

Anyway, I found myself flipping through the book when one of the Borders workers came by and asked if I needed any help. I thanked her and said I didn't. She stuck around, shelving books (supposedly), and started to talk to me about the TV show "Glee". She talked about how she's watching this season, purchased last season for the "great price" of $39.99 at Borders, and that I should pick it up as well. She then continued to talk about all the characters in the show and their relationships with each other. Having only seen the pilot episode, I had a hard time placing a finger on what she was talking about. It didn't matter. She kept talking about the show while I read the spines of some books and flipped through the pages of others.

At one point she would walk away to help another customer and come back, telling me she had a song from "Glee" stuck in her head. She'd leave and come back, telling me another song from "Glee" was stuck in her head. She'd leave and come back, telling me yet another song from "Glee" was stuck in her head. I felt it was a very spectacular tactic to basically get me to buy the book I was browsing just so she would leave me alone.

The trick's on them though since I will be buying it for the Kindle. Mr. Shen - 1. Borders - 2.85 (based on their ticker price at this very second).

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