Don't Procrastinate.

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I found something rather peculiar over the years I've been working full time. Eventually at one point, one of my coworkers will ask me, "Alex, how do you have time to do all this stuff?" I usually tell them something like waking up early or using the time I have on the train to complete projects. All of that is true, but all falls under the same rule and that's don't procrastinate.

I could easily sleep on the train or just stare at the window, listening to the soothing sounds of Hall & Oates. But no, I usually break open my laptop and work on some kind of project. Even if I don't have any of my drawing supplies, I'll do some designing and planning in an Excel worksheet to make sure when I do have my supplies, I can get right down to business. Same goes for any comic ideas or game designs I want to pursue.

The truth is that in any given day, the typical working person does actually have at least one hour to do whatever it is they want to do. You extend that out to a standard work week, not counting weekends, you have five hours for your projects. Over a month and that’s 20 hours to work on your own projects. How many people would say that they wished they had 20 hours last month to work on something they loved? Maybe working on that book or maybe putting together the photo album for the trip they took to Oregon last month?

For example, I worked on freelance at lunch. I now have that time free tonight to do whatever I want (spending it with Josie and her brother) and I don't have to feel guilty about it, worried about prior commitments. I suppose it's largely a factor of proper time management as well.

Anyway, you should go out there and start making the stuff and doing the stuff you want to do. Every second you spend complaining is a second you could've been doing it.

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