The Arcade Parts Came!

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For those who have heard me prattle on about this, I finally got some of the parts for my mini arcade cabinet in the mail yesterday! Specifically, I got the arcade buttons, joystick and the I-Pac interface board. The latter is the piece of equipment that will let the arcade pieces talk to the computer, which is the machine that will be running the games. It's all quite exciting, actually!

Now I'm waiting for the mini cabinet to get here.

I brought the pieces home and plugged it in. Wired up the "Insert Coin" button and it works! It really works! Crazily enough, as I've never done this type of project before, the I-Pac/2 board always stays on once it's plugged in. What I mean is that once this is connected, any button wired and pressed pushes it to the computer. So when I press the button, it sends "5" to the computer, which is the default "Insert Coin" button for Mame. I was in a chat and had plugged one of the wires incorrectly, so not pressing the button meant it was on. So it kept typing 5 over and over. Bloody fantastic.

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