Dollfie Dream - New Shirt and Skirt Combo

Listening to: Nothing.

Depending on the day and weather, sometimes my crafty and creative pursuits border along the line of a six year old girl. I've had a Coffee Date Dress pattern online and modified it a bit (mainly because I have a difficult time sewing anything remotely complicated or isn't supposed to be just a pillow). I actually think it turned out pretty nice.

There's not really much else I can talk about in terms of the sewing itself. During the entire process of cutting, sewing and cursing at my clumsy hands, I was watching a movie. Was I watching Sixteen Candles ? No. Was I watching Ghost ? No. I was watching Heat. The freakin' most bad ass machismo movie about cops, robbers and the lives they lead and try to leave behind. I'm surprised I've never seen this movie before. Oh, that's right. It's because I was too busy playing with dolls.

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