Now I'm a true Pokemon Master.

Listening to: Nothing.
I beat Pokemon SoulSilver earlier this morning (like a little after 1:30am). I defeated the four heroes and final leader with only four Pokemon. I'm in the hall of fame now. I've received a boat ticket to travel to Kanto, which is another area in the game with another eight badges to earn. Strangely, I don't feel the urge to check it out. I also don't have this urge to carry the Pokewalker with me anymore. To be honest, I feel like a piece of me has withered away and died a crusty 'ol death.

I guess I just have to find something to replace that Pokemon shaped hole.

If you're curious as to why I had to take a photo of a paper cutout, it's because the scanner I have at home doesn't work right. It's all I have. Frankly, the paper cutout thing is kind of neat. I may try it for a few projects in the near future.

If you're also curious why a grown man talks so much about Pokemon, then you obviously have never met me in real life.

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