Cadet 227 - Developer Diary Entry #4

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated and I apologize for that. I’d like to thank you for the continued support on the project. As a reminder, the project’s been fully funded and anything extra will help me spend a bit more in making sure the game is as an engaging experience as possible.

I’ve been having some thoughts about the "skipping dialogue" part for the game. I just think it will end up being too messy. It’s not so much the complications of how it will work, but rather I don’t think it adds to the gameplay experience. I’m actually going to go the route of a simple room description (room name, items in room, exits) and full room description (room name, description, exits). I’ll just make sure the room description is just long enough and can be skipped, but nothing like a novel to get through.

This will actually free up a key to use, which I’m thinking will be used as a "use item in inventory" button. It will be automatic in that if you have the item, the correct item will be used in the appropriate room. Having to sit there and cycle through each item would very well be a pain to use. Yes, I understand that a player could potentially run through the entire game, grab every item they see and then try each item in every room, but that isn’t how the game is meant to be played. Players who do that will inevitably also complete the game, but lose out on the experience. If they derive joy from that, then who am I to deny them that as well?

This will also add a little variety to the game where you actually are encouraged to explore and figure out puzzles as opposed to just following a linear path, listening to a story.

I can assure you there are at least two safe combinations to remember and a bit of Konami’s Track and Field running action to be had in this game.

Stay tuned! I hope to have some original music up soon.