Mame Cabinet Almost Complete.

Listening to: Nothing.

That's right, folks! It's almost complete. Here is a picture of my boss playing the cabinet. All I need now is a monitor that will fit the space and I'm good to go. All of the arcade buttons are wired correctly (thank God) and everything is firing off a-ok.

I'll most likely put up a "how I did it" post soon after the thing is fully complete. I still need some aesthetic improvements, including the 1/4" T-molding.

At first I felt that this project cost way too much time and money. However, when I booted it up for the first time and started playing a game for a bit, I really felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. This is something I've always wanted to have and now I have it. I built most of it. I learned how to go from the mini-ITX route, install the proper OS, get the proper hardware and have it running. Yay for self motivation!

Related Link: EMDKAY LLC (where I got the cabinet made)