Don Ackbar Draper Figure - WIP Part 2

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Here is part two of my Don Ackbar Draper project. As you can see, I'm getting quite close to finishing. I still have the gun to finish (I need to find my Gun Metal paint) as well as adding some finishing details/shading on the shoes.

Here is what the figure looked like after I sprayed it with some primer. When everything is a uniform color, it gives the illusion that it was always supposed to be this way. It also reminds me of those maquettes that animation studios make as reference pieces for their films.

Here is the start of the skin painting for the figure. I did most of this during lunch.

Here is a bit more progress. I was especially happy with how the shadows and shading turned out for his head. Black is both a blessing and a curse. While it's able to go over practically everything in a single coat, it also means going over black (if you make a mistake) requires multiple coats. Then paint just gets thick and looks all globular.

This is essentially where I ended up last night. I'll have to find the rest of my paints before I can finish it up. It's been a pretty rewarding experience thus far.

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