I'm 27 Years Old.

Wants to Listen To: Color Me Badd - I Wanna Sex You Up

Yep! I'm 27 years old and according to the illustration above I created with my new Intous2 (thanks Josie!), I'm pretty happy about it. Granted I haven't reached the tipping point of 30 quite yet, I feel that it won't be much different except I may have a little Shen running/crawling around the house by then. I'll probably also, somewhat hopefully, have a mortgage to pay. It's all stuff to look forward to.

Overall, the birthday experience went without a hitch. I played many fantastic arcade and pinball machines at California Extreme 2010, ate some finger licking good KFC, watched Dawn of the Dead (on HD-DVD) and played a game of Last Night On Earth The Zombie Game where I chainsaw'd three zombies in a row. That, unfortunately, is nothing compared to the Sheriff Brad's impressive eight zombie headshots. The man was basically standing in the middle of a field, drinking malt liquor and discharging his firearm haphazardly (once per turn). In the end, it saved us all. I may have to pick up the game, but only after I figure out how to play my newly acquired All Things Zombie board game.

So, yes, I'm 27 now and I'm looking forward to another year around the sun.

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