Cadet 227 - Part 1 of 13 - Released!

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Cadet 227 officially launches today! Woo!

Over the course of three months, I've written and rewritten the story that I wanted to portray over and over again. At first it was nothing more than a scary story about a monster in a cave, but it eventually became something more than that. I decided that I wanted the story to create more mystery, while allowing myself to actually work on a game that had a definitive narrative.

So this first chapter is, unfortunately, just a teaser. It lasts about three to five minutes (that's what she said), but it will give you at least a taste of the user interface, the types of interactions and what kind of game this really is. Hopefully the sound quality is also up to par in terms of something at least better than cheesy.

If anything, think of it as an interactive radio show from the 30s. I also realize that my fondness of video games has had a very heavy influence on this game and the story.

It has peppered throughout some Assassin's Creed, Bioshock and Mass Effect, while having a simplified game experience like 7th Guest or a Don Bluth game... without the visuals, of course.

As I'm sure some of you remember, the original intent of this game was that a person lacking the ability to see would be able to play and experience it at the same level of anyone else. Hopefully I've accomplished that.

Now that I have the storyline written, the engine in place and the teaser under my belt, I plan on releasing a new chapter to this unfolding science fiction mystery every month. There are thirteen chapters in all, so this will be a year long project. I would like to thank all of the folks at Kickstarter and the donors who believed in this project. Without your support, all the sound effects would have just been me, going "pew pew", "pprrwawawgh" and so on.

Without further ado, download the demo here or simply go to to start the download or use one of the links below.

Thanks again and stay tuned for the next chapter at the end of August!

Download Link: Mediafire (fast)
Download Link: Shen Games (slow)
Donations: Donation Page