Epic Win in Castle Ravenloft

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I was planning on just describing the events that occurred in my most recent explorations in Castle Ravenloft, but decided a comic would better depict how epic the finale to this adventure really was.

Ultimately, I made a hit against the final boss and brought him down to 1 hit point. This was in a dungeon tile full of monsters. He in turn shot a fireball in my face, killing me and sending me flying across into another part of the dungeon. I was dead. There were no more healing surges. If Ryan, my teammate, did not finish off the final boss with this final hit, the game would be over and we would lose.

So essentially he saddles up to Klak (the bad guy) and goes for a final blow. In a theatrical fashion, somehow Ryan rolls a 20. That's essentially the "best roll" you can have in Dungeons & Dragons. Not only does he defeat Klak, he does so with a critical hit. That would be the equivalent of, like, finishing the bad guy off by chopping off his face (as seen above).

Truly an epic win. I didn't die in vain. It was pretty amazing. Geek points +1,000,000.

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