24 shots and one hour later...

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It's true. I had 24 shots in my mouth before my wisdom teeth were removed. Three shots on each side of each tooth. Fun! The actual wisdom teeth surgery wasn't too bad. Two were easy extractions. The other two were complicated as they were impacted and having a house party in my mouth. The worst part wasn't so much the drilling or pulling. It was the crunching. Due to the angle of the teeth, they had to take a tool of some kind and crush the wisdom teeth to remove them piece by piece. I'm so glad I was awake for that.

Contrary to the image above, I didn't swell up much. Maybe it's because my head is already so big that I couldn't tell the difference or that it would be physically impossible to get any bigger.

I did, however, have to avoid using straws. I've also become overly paranoid about getting food in the holes before my checkup appointment. Because of that, I've avoided chewing any kind of food with my remaining molars and have been focusing on my front four teeth only. So I don't chew my food, no, I bite it.

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