DIY Comic Book Wallet

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I made some pretty average looking comic book wallets the other night. It essentially requires you to take a two-page spread from a standard comic book, tape it to a one page piece from a standard comic book, do a bunch of folding and sewing. I understand that this descriptive "how to" may be overwhelming, but you can find a much better illustrated guide over at ReadyMade "How to Fold a Wonder Wallet". You will also, if you possess the slightest ability to sew, create something megatons better than what you see here. If anything, I'm just here to show you what you should be doing in your free time.

The reason I made these was because my old wallet stinks at carrying money. Please feel free to review the diagram below.

Instead of inserting the bills from the top, you had to fold them first and insert them towards the spine of the wallet. The issue with this is if the folded money is remotely messy, such as one bill decides to go for a walk and peeks around the corner, it is near impossible to get it into the wallet. It then requires the person storing the money to literally brute force it into the wallet, creating a George Costanza Wallet situation. You may only have two dollars in there, but it looks like you're storing a sandwich.

I wonder how this wallet is going to hold up during this week of warm weather. I predict much moistness.

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