Anime Diorama - Choji from Naruto

Naruto - Choji Diorama (front)
I made this little diorama this afternoon. Making and building dioramas based on my favorite scenes from video games, comics, anime and so on is something I'd really like to start dabbling in. I suppose seeing Warhammer miniatures at the mall the nth time and going to life sized dioramas at Disneyland really sparked the interest.

This specific piece wasn't too complicated and there's nothing quite unique about the scene that can make someone go, "Oh, yeah. I totally remember that."

I'm using a Studio Decor display case from Michael's. It's 3.5in x 1.5in x 1.65in and it looks like it's supposed to house toy cars. The dirt is actually a sheet of sand from Woodland Scenics (you should check out the site and be amazed). The rocks and branches came from outside the front door and the little Choji figure is an old zipper pull I had sitting in a bag in the closet.

I'd like to continue to make these three-dimensional dioramas. I'll certainly switch between this kind and the kind that you make out of paper, where you have flat images and scenery with an included axis of depth.

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