Burger Quest Illustration Dump

Burger Quest - You the hamburger page?
I made an executive decision the other day regarding Burger Quest. I decided to remove the illustrations from the game. The main reasons being that an interactive audio book (audio adventure) shouldn't require illustrations. I didn't want people to be distracted or influenced by what I projected upon them. Also, illustrating 63+ individual images that may or may not last more than two seconds of viewing time made my hand tremble in fear.

So, here you'll see an illustration dump of the ones I did complete. I'll post these on Flikr too. Also, I'm in the process of finding a sponsor for this Flash game. If you know anyone interested, let me know!

Illustrations below!

Burger Quest - Nodding
Burger Quest - Reading from Parchment
Burger Quest - Hamburger Bell
Burger Quest - Executiony

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