Side Hustle Stats - December 2010

The phrase "side hustle" was first used by my coworker, Moshen Chan, to describe the personal projects us folks at Mochi Media do in our free time.

Happy new year everyone! This year has certainly been an interesting one. Let's take a look at how December rounded out. Some key things to note are the following:
  • I didn't release any new games.
  • I started posting more on this blog (art and junk) as the month came to a close.
  • I began to properly track all of my sites and registered their specific domains accordingly during the last week of December (everything used to just forward to a folder off of
  • I added stats from physical toy/art sales (not quite passive per se...)
  • Numbers in the parentheses show change from the prior month.

I think the most important piece of information I took away from this month is that sponsorships, regardless of how large or small, still make the largest chunk of side hustle for a game maker like myself. I'm sure all other Flash game developers out there would agree and it's not new news. Some things I will focus on for January are the following:
  • Complete at least two games (sponsorship or not).
  • Keep up and post at least one blog post a day.
  • Properly update Mister Goh, a webcomic property I revived for 2011.
  • Implement Facebook pages for a handful of my sites (Shen Games, Mister Goh) and its Connect functionality on those sites.
  • Continue to spend time on Twitter and tweet accordingly.

December 2010 Side Hustle Stats
  • MochiAds - $130.72 (+ $6.94)
  • MochiAds Impressions - 184,962 (+ 5,428)
  • MochiAds eCPM - $0.73 (+ $0.03)
  • Top Game: (Don't) Save the Princess - 50,914 impressions
  • Second Game: Zombie Farm - 39,096 impressions
  • Third Game: Perfect Match Fit - 28,178 impressions

  • AdSense
  • AdSense - $50.58 (+ $0.62)
  • Top Site: Shen Games

  • iTunes App Store
  • Paid Apps - $4.20 - 6 total (- $2.10)
  • Free Apps - $0.00 - 1,147 total (+ 624)
  • Updates - $0.00 - 450 total (+ 450)
  • Released: Sheep v1.2, EZ Caltrain 1.0

  • Sponsorships
  • None. (- $800.00)

  • Wandering Panda Store
  • Ritz the Robot Plushie - $21.98 - 2 total

  • Grand Side Hustle Total: $180.96 (- $799.08)
If there are any additional stats you would like to see or think would be interesting to see, please let me know. I'd like to be as transparent and open as possible here. The more info we know as indie game developers and such, the better off we'll be.