Game Dev Diary - Decision.

I've recently been on this game development kick to create games for disabled gamers. While I've focused on audio games for the blind in the past, I realized (after reading this Gamasutra article about MLB '11 adding a one-button mode for people with CP) that there were many other ways to enable a game for all to enjoy. I decided to embark further on the branching story game mechanic and am working on a new one called Decision.

Unlike the previous Burger Quest audio game, the story will be told with a single frame at a time. It's like a slow paced comic book/strip. You either make the left choice or the right choice. Sometimes both choices will be the same, so as to progress the story and not only have decisions be part of the game experience. What starts off as simple as a morning alarm going off can end in death, the end of the world or worse.

I've got all the tweening/animation down for the game for now. Luckily it only involves moving movieclips around, as opposed to transformations, skewing or scaling.

Oh, the CP-enabled game input will be that the game can either be played with keyboard (left or right arrows for choices), or simply the spacebar. If you click the spacebar, it will alternate the choice. If you hold it down, a meter will fill up (roughly 1.5 seconds is my guess) to confirm your choice. It's like how the Kinect registers your input for menu options: you leave your hand in the same place until the tiny circle fills up all the way.

I don't have an expected release date yet, but hopefully within the next month or so. I wonder if this game will have better luck in the realm of sponsorship.

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