Do you know what the metal grating over fluorescent lighting is called?

I didn't either.

Through a harrowing game of sleuth throughout the confines of the Google-sphere (about 5 minutes), I was able to narrow down and find the answer to my question. It basically was searches in this order: "office bathroom lighting" to "office bathroom halogen lighting" to "office bathroom fluorescent lighting" to "metal office bathroom lighting" to "bathroom fluorescent lighting" inside of Google Images and then just going through the thousands of images until I saw what I needed to find. From there I clicked through to a site that sold these things (supply company for construction) and found out that this specific lighting had "Aluminum louver surfaces plated with anodized, semi-specular aluminum, low iridescent finish".

The word was louver.

I then did some searches about "louver lighting" and "how to install louver lighting" and I found a PDF for Lithonia Lighting showing that these grates swing down from one side.