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Mister Goh 308 - Disney Universe
I picked up Disney Universe and have played through one world twice now. That's nine stages x2, so 18 stages with three different characters. I have to say that I'm enjoying it quite a lot, but it's very possible I'm enjoying this specific game because I've been on this Gauntlet type kick lately.

You basically control an avatar wearing a Disney costume and have to eradicate viruses plaguing the Disney Universe system (which is some fictional MMO). The gameplay itself isn't any more difficult than a Lego Star Wars game and it's equally as forgiving. For example, dying simply respawns you at the closest respawn point and you only lose coins. The puzzles are intuitive enough and the levels are small enough that you don't frustrated or lost.

I'll have to admit that the selling point of this game really is the Disney component. Seeing so many classic and modern characters (even as costumes) in worlds that were carefully crafted to fully represent the essence of their movie counterparts is a joy to see. They even go as far as including bit characters as costumes, but bit characters that make you say, "Oh! Ha ha! That's a funny costume. I'm going to be that one." One example is Hal, the pet cockroach from the movie WALL-E.

The game also shines brightest when played in multiplayer. It has a The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords style where while you're trying to work together to reach the goal, you're also trying to make sure you score the most coins and treasure and level up points since the game rates all players at the end of every three stage block. So you'll see yourself, sometimes, throwing your buddies into a nearby pit or transferring a curse set upon you to them ("The Blue Jester is now IT.").

All in all a simple 3rd person action game that's perfect for the little ones and anyone who has an ounce of childhood left in their cold, soulless husk of a body.

I also figured that nobody needed another review of Battlefield 3.

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