Retro Pocket Gamer: Kongman Pocket

Look what I just bought on eBay!

Tomy made a lot of pocket games back in the 70s-80s and licensed a number in the UK and US (known as "Pocketeers" in the UK). The nice thing about these self-contained marvels is that they were all based on mechanical components. No batteries were ever needed and you were usually just shooting tiny metal balls into targets, winding up some mechanism to get a piece to move or simply allowing gravity to make a game more challenging.

I loved these things and have honestly decided that they are things much easier (and more affordable) to collect than the Nintendo Game & Watch handhelds.

Anyway. Kongman (original) was a game that was the equivalent of a vertical obstacle course where you try to move the marble upwards toward the goal. It's actually quite similar to Run Yourself Ragged, also made by Tomy.

This is the pocket version and in the box and glorious. I can't wait to get a shadowbox and have this thing properly mounted on the wall.