"Robot In the City" Game Engine Underway!

Robot in the City Game Coming Soon
That's right! After an extended-extended-extended delay, the first game is finally underway. I plan to have it done by December. It will feature poorly animated graphics and other tales of woe!

In all seriousness, the game takes place after the second memory erase (system overload) of Ritz's brain. Because of this you are tasked with teaching Ritz the simple things in life. How do you do that? I'm presenting the games in a very simple point-and-click adventure game style (think more Professor Layton than an old Lucasarts game). There are objects to pick up, interact with, characters to talk to and simple puzzles to solve to reach the goal. The idea is to make an interactive comic of sorts. Single room, multiple puzzles, dialogue and just a charming little break from work.

The first game, Robot in the City: Buy a Comic Book, will feature three different endings and some pretty neat graphics.

I got the planning on how to handle the dialogue tree completed on the BART ride this morning. It looks like the game will be somewhat modular, making it easier for me to continue to create sequels.

Anyhow! I'm looking forward to the project and hope to post some more artwork and game pieces soon.