Certainly depressing: DiceCreator no longer making dice full-time.

The man behind Dicecreator's Blog has officially closed his doors in regards to his full-time pursuit to making custom dice for game and hobby enthusiasts. While it doesn't mean he will no longer make any dice at all, it certainly looks like he's giving up the full-time gig and will go back into the normal workforce we've all come to love/hate in these times.

I certainly feel a tinge of sadness to see such a craftsman find himself no longer relevant in these times (or at least it seems he considers himself as such while reading the post). He speaks of other people who create pieces that are lacking in quality receiving more attention than his work and ultimately finding it just too hard to "make it" out there.

I suppose I do understand, somewhat, what he's going through. I guess I'm just lucky enough that I do do the standard 40-hour work week and am able to pursue comics and indie game development in my free time. There have been many times when I've considered going at my craft full-time, but ultimately decided that I'd be much happier moonlighting it all so the worry of tomorrow's meal wouldn't consume my entire being.

There's no wrong or right here in the decision he, myself or anybody else makes.

I wish him the best and still look forward to any posts he makes.

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