I gave my presentation today. It went pretty okay.

The presentation went pretty well. Like all other times I present, the minutes prior to getting up there combine into this horrible fit of sweating and a 160 BPM heart rate. But, also like all other times I present, it goes away once the voice starts and I move on to that first slide.

Still sick though. It's just a cough and sore throat and the headaches are less in intensity. Heck, I'd take this over anything I felt on the other days. I'll call this the Hamburg Heidenburg, a medical disaster and travesty that has eclipsed the sun of my health.

Also, on a side note, the Sushi Circle - Das Original cuts their fish really thin. I wonder if that's how Germans like their sushi. Personally, I want large hunks of raw fish to fall prey to my mouth as if I were a bear and had this giant maw of teeth waiting for the salmon to swim upstream for their sexy-sexy time of the year, tearing them apart when they drop in.