CalTrain Monthly Pass on Clipper Card Problems?

I kill you, Clipper Card.
If you're like me, you've been using a monthly paper pass for the CalTrain for a while now. If you're also like me, this switch to the Clipper Card was also met with rage and confusion--a "why me?" type of situation. And finally, if you're also like me, you had trouble getting your CalTrain monthly pass working on your Clipper Card.

My monthly pass doesn't show up on my Clipper Card. It says I have a balance of $0.00.
The Clipper Card requires you to have at least a $1.25 positive balance on your card in order for your CalTrain monthly pass to work. And no, your monthly pass (worth $225+) does not count toward that $1.25 positive balance. Without this positive balance of $1.25 or more, your card won't register the monthly pass properly. Also, you have to make sure you tag on the first of the month to get the CalTrain monthly pass to register.

But why does it work this way? It seems butt-backwards.
One of the train conductors explained what happens and why you need that positive balance. When the Clipper Card has a balance of less than $1.25, it's as if your Clipper Card has no value on it. That's why when you tag on for the first time for the month, it subtracts $12.50 (a full fare from zone 1 to zone 6) from the account, putting you at a negative balance. When you tag off, it refunds you the money. Subsequent tag on and tag off procedures will subtract the fare based on the zones you purchased for your monthly pass ($8.50 in my case). Apparently you can't subtract a fare from a card that "has no value". Why the monthly pass doesn't count toward that $1.25 is beyond me... BUT NOT BEYOND MY FIST.

Anyhow. Good luck to you CalTrain riders. If you need a schedule for your iPhone, you can download EZ Caltrain for free. I made it.

Edit - 1:26p PST: I'd like to point out that this information is on the CalTrain website FAQ as well as the Clipper Card website FAQ. I just wish the terminals at the CalTrain station for tagging displayed this type of information on the screen, like "Monthly Pass requires minimum of $1.25 Clipper Cash" or something. Also, I didn't see any Clipper Card refill stations at the CalTrain station. I had to add cash via the Clipper Card refill station for the Muni at the Montgomery BART station. I can't wait to see how they handle this on the VTA (San Jose Lightrail) when the systems come online in a few weeks.

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