Almost Healed. Dry Sandwiches.

Mr. Shen does not enjoy a dry sandwich.
For those who aren't "in the know", I've been pretty sick the last two weeks. The other weekend I made myself a sandwich and it was an unnaturally dry sandwich. The consumption of said sandwich was saddening. It's not that I make poor sandwiches. Quite the contrary, actually. It's just that my throat had the lubrication of 30 grade sandpaper (very coarse) and the sandwich was made of a nine grain bread... nine grains of steel wool.

Luckily, as of today, I feel much better and only had a limited number of coughing fits. Shannon labeled my coughing as "progressive". I can only assume she meant it was like artwork.

In other news, Enslaved: Odyssey To The West is pretty awesome. Then again, I'm a sucker for anything remotely/loosely related to the Monkey King and Journey to the West mythology.

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