Accident in Lincoln Tunnel. 52 Injured.

Lincoln Tunnel Accident. Two buses hit a motorcycle.
According to sources (just one, actually), there was an accident in the Lincoln Tunnel (a tunnel connecting New York and New Jersey). Apparently two buses collided with a motorcycle. From what it sounds like, the motorcycle rider is thankfully alive. Not sure of condition, but hopefully stable.

This is the kind of thing that always freaks me out a little bit. Driving in tunnels, that is. Here in California we have this tunnel called the Caldecott Tunnel, which connects Oakland to Contra Costa County. I remember hearing this story where a tanker exploded inside the tunnel and everyone inside was killed. I never checked to see if the story was true. In any case, driving in tunnels always made me feel uncomfortable and anxious. I suppose I avoid them as much as possible.

Well wishes to all those injured and affected by the accident across the country.

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