Mister Goh - Flip it on eBay

My dad is still under the impression that if you wait long enough that something, whatever it is, will be worth something on eBay. For example, I recently sold my collection of Simpsons: World of Springfield collection sometime last year. I probably averaged $5 a figure or so. Something I never considered doing all those years back seemed pretty stress free at this stage. I just figured that these figures wouldn't really be worth anything down the line and I'd just be happier with the money now.

It's funny because some people will buy a pricing guide and say, "this object is worth X amount of dollars." You know what that thing's worth? What someone else will pay for it and I guess I'm just out of the business of collecting for the sake of doing a huge flip or turnaround down the line.

Don't get me wrong. I still like having figures, statues and whatnot... but it's to have because I like it, not because I expect to make oodles of dollars down the line.

With that said, anyone looking to buy some 1974 Playmobil figures?