Mister Goh - Freelance

Mister Goh
Hm. I guess that answers that question! Freelance is a tough cookie. You always remember a time when you were scrounging for even the smallest project and it ultimately affects your judgement later and you end up taking too many projects down the line. Then your hair falls out and you lose your keys in a toilet in Reno.

It reminds me of this project that I'm finishing up for a pretty big client right now. I said that I won't do the second project come June because they've driven me somewhat crazy... but I probably will. It's good money and I now have a good template to work with. I've learned a good deal about embedding Flash video, using the Eyeblaster component, analytics and just how to deal with the branding in general. Josie's probably not going to be happy to hear about this though.

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