Ludum Dare 20 - Brik-A-Brak Item Shop

I was pretty busy this weekend so I didn't have a chance to work on my Ludum Dare 20 entry. I did, however, find time on the train this morning and during lunch. This is the game and final product.

I wanted to do something like Scribblenauts. Unfortunately, I possess absolutely no knowledge on how to properly construct and query a database with AS3 or XML, I just have this giant SWITCH/CASE statement that handles the current possible answers (roughly 80 words and 20 endings).

Anyway. It was a fun little experiment where the "fun" (used loosely) is derived from discovery and what endings are available and what words the game recognizes. Since it's relatively easy to edit, I'm always open to new suggestions too.

Play the Game: Brik-A-Brak at Shen Games (includes source)