Pokedex 3DS is a great free app.

For those who own a Nintendo 3DS like myself, you're probably starving for new 3DS specific content. You're probably also like me and have already completed the two built-in Mii games and are in need of something else to collect. Introduce the free "game" Pokedex 3DS. It is essentially a bestiary for Pokemon Black and White except that all of the Pokemon are rendered in three-dimensions!

You either get Pokemon from other people or by using SpotPass. You're limited to three new Pokemon a day via SpotPass. Keep in mind that StreetPass should not be confused with SpotPass. SpotPass uses an active Wi-Fi connection to download the new Pokemon. StreetPass, which has no active functionality at this time, is for when you pass other 3DS systems in Sleep Mode.

Anyway. It's given renewed life to the system. Silly that I'm more interested in this "game" than anything else at the current time.

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