Some artwork from my upcoming iOS game "Epoch Gate".

Been working diligently on my new iOS game Epoch Gate: The Quest To Make Stupid Money. It was inspired by a talk that Lee Brimelow did at FGS Seattle 2011 and how the packager for AIR to iOS is getting better. I'll admit, it is getting better... though there's also quite a bit to hope for. In any case, having this solution at my fingertips was enough for me to take another stab at it.

So here are some profile pictures of the Alex character that appears after each shot you take in the game. They correspond to the rating for the shot: Perfect, Awesome, Good, Okay and Poor. The other two are pictures of when you punch him in the face. While this functionality is not documented anywhere, it's a fun treat for those willing to experiment.

I hope to have the game out relatively soon. I still have 280+ hats to illustrate. Yes. The game features a new hat for each day of the year.

See you soon!