Finishing up projects for 2011.

I'm finishing up most of my big projects for 2011 and by "big projects" I mean my main freelance projects. My brain feels pretty tired from it all, namely working with outside clients is just tiring overall. The biggest project that still has a ways to go, though thankfully it is one of my own, is my zine/comic for the Alternative Press Expo this year. I've been doing it every year for the last six years and it's pretty great to be able to do it again. It will be based on a new project I'm working on that I hope to be the next Mister Goh, but with regular updates.

Outside of that I'd like to work on a few more games this year. I just finished my iOS game Epoch Gate and it's currently sitting in the queue for approval. I'd like to do something with Renpy by the end of the year, preferably something like the amazing Bento Smile indie development team (of one?). Their work is so wonderful and full of self-awareness and charm.

I've also got a comedy-music gig coming up this weekend in Oakland Chinatown. It's called RefleKTions and I'm opening for the comedy troupe KT Comedy. It'll be nice as I've been away from guitar and performing for a while. I'll be able to debut my new song "Stuck Between Two Hanging Rugs At Crate & Barrel" and possibly, if I can finish it in time, "Who Pooped On the Rug?".

Hopefully I'll see you guys soon!

Oh, and I've been playing a load of Warmachine and that makes me additionally happy.