Cheap modular terrain for Warmachine and similar 28mm miniatures games

Just a quick note: I'm writing this at the Palo Alto Caltrain station on my iPhone. Technology is amazing!


I've been recently obsessing over Privateer Press's miniatures game Warmachine. We have been playing small battlebox (sub-15 point games) at lunch a few times a week. While we do have paper cutout terrain (here's a "buildin'" or here's some "shallow water"), there's nothing quite like playing with actual terrain you can see.

This was evident today when I brought in some 1" wooden cubes to make obstructions like walls and hedges. Even though it was wooden and not detailed, it was simply more engaging.

One of the biggest things I'd like to see in three full dimensions are raised terrain like cliffs or hills. Unfortunately, it takes considerable work to actually carve the stuff or to purchase premade pieces. There doesn't seem to be a quick and dirty way that I could find online... so I decided to design my own.

I drew up the plans on the train and will need to cut them out later this week. Essentially I will take 12", 8", 6" and 4" square foamboard pieces and cut out "cliff like" shapes from corner to corner. This will effectively create to pieces that no matter how you pit them together will create a complete closed shape. I will do this for all the sizes so you can then stack them to create a hill or cliff.

Yes, the pieces will not have a smooth incline like an actual hill, but it will provide me the quick and cheap solution I'm looking for: a three-dimensional representation of a hill or elevated terrain.

At this time the foamcore is only 3/16" thick and stacking the four will almost make the 1" mark, which is what gives you LOS (line of sight) advantage offensively and a +2 DEF advantage defensively against ranged attacks.

Maybe if I switch over to 1/4"? Anyway, I'll make a note when playing that it's 1".

I'll post actual photos if and when I get to them!