Review: All The Better To See You

I've been a fan of the indie game development work of Bento Smile for quite some time. It's always nice to see an entry in a Ludum Dare competition with them in it. I'm always particularly fond of the pixely art style in their visual novel games. I decided to download one of the older titles and give it a go.

All The Better To See You is indeed a tiny visual novel game, probably taking a maximum of five minutes to get through all the different options in the game. What resonates more strongly, however, isn't the length of the game but rather the message within the choices and responses to those choices. Many of the Bento Smile visual novel games do this and they do it quite well. This is no exception to the rule.

It really made me look at the potential mundane acts we perform under constant routine. What seems like limitless potential turns into this cage of "same thing, different day". While I don't feel that way in my current life, it's definitely a theme I see crop up in more places than one in both fiction and reality. I liked the way it was presented in this game and I recommend anyone with a few minutes to experience it for themselves.

Paring it with Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf was also brilliant. Releasing this in time for Valentine's Day this year was also brilliant, in a punch-your-holiday-in-the-face kind of way.

Download: All The Better To See You (PC, Mac and Linux)