Review of "Audiorun" Over at GameBase

There's a nice review of Audiorun over at GameBase. For those who aren't familiar, GameBase is a blog site that focuses their efforts on reporting about "abled gaming", thus bringing to light games that are tailored for individuals who are blind or have limited hand usage and so on. It's actually quite well organized and shows you that while there are some pieces of software and hardware made for gamers with special needs, the pickings are still slim.

While the review is nice in that it's a positive review, I appreciated the fact that the reviewer didn't actually try to compare it 1:1 to something like Canabalt. He understood the premise and why the game was constructed the way it was. I'm sure he has some constructive criticism about it and I wouldn't have minded if he included it in his review. Nevertheless, I appreciate him taking the time to check it out.

Review: Audiorun at GameBase
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