Lego Dice Tower

As most of you know, I've been playing a good amount of Warmachine lately. The miniatures game takes place on a 4'x4' board and involves much dice rolling. What I've come to discover to this date is that I'm always looking for a place to roll my dice so as to not disturb any of the pieces (miniatures, terrain, tokens, etc.). I often also find myself rolling dice off the table. That's why I decided to make a dice tower.

Now, dice towers aren't new and there are plenty of companies that make their own version of the dice tower. I, however, didn't want to actually wait to use one, so I decided to make one out of Legos.

What's a Dice Tower Do?
It essentially is a vertical shaft with protrusions inside so when you toss dice down the shaft they hit the protrusions, rotate, spin and pop out on a random side. Because of the fenced area at the end, you're not scrambling to make sure dice don't disturb other pieces in the game nor are you worried about them falling off the table. My tower has two protrusions and a series of steps at the bottom. See the scientific diagram below.

It's not the prettiest thing nor is it in anyway uniform, but it works pretty well. I'm excited to try it out today to finish up my current Warmachine game at lunch.

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