52WOGD Week 2: Invisible Walk (Flash)

52 Weeks of Game Development
Language: Flash (AS3)

Thoughts: The second week of "52 Weeks of Game Development" is complete.  The game I created is called Invisible Walk.

Have you ever played a video game where you can pick up a powerup and it makes you invisible to the enemies? Sometimes the game's visuals make you invisible to you as well, but there's some kind of visual marking that makes it possible to still track where you are (shadow on the ground, your avatar flickering in and out, etc.). I remember playing this one DOS indie game called Marshmallow Duel a long time ago and one of the powerups you can pickup is the invisibility powerup. Since it's a 2-player game where both players share the same keyboard, they had to make your character disappear completely in order for it to be any use at all. It was sometimes frustrating simply because you didn't know where you were either and you may just fall off a platform to your death. Needless to say I didn't use that powerup too often.

I decided to take that idea and combine it with the simple maze game concept. The difference is that the maze itself was hopefully a cognitive map established in your own mind of where the start and goal spots were located. Some of the inspiration came from this one cognitive study that showed how storing a visual map (let's say of a map of a town with landmarks, trees, etc.) in your brain was actually storing that map in your brain. Specifically, if you were to trace one landmark to another in your mind, the time it took for you to respond to "locating" those landmarks was proportional to how far those two landmarks were on the actual, physical map. So the way the map is stored in the brain is very much the same as the actual map itself. The further those two landmarks, the longer it took you (perhaps by mere seconds) to locate and recall those landmarks.

Anyhow. Fun times. I think I'll be doing a physical game next week or a simple platformer with impactJS/HTML5.

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