52 WOGD Week 4: Failed... but here comes another week!

I missed week 4. I couldn't finish the game I was working on. The game I wanted to do was inspired by the old arcade game called Timber. You would be controlling a lumberjack as trees popped up. Your goal would be to cut down as many trees as possible before time runs out.

Then my mind shifted and I had a slight change in design. The game would still revolve around the lumberjack walking around and trying to chop down as many trees as possible. However, the goal would be to survive as long as possible as the screen would continue to populate trees on the game board. Each step you took would increase the "tree deploy" counter. When that counter hit the "deploy" mark, a tree would be randomly generated on the board. Ultimately the board will fill up before you could cut down any more trees.

That also didn't happen since, well, I didn't finish the game.

Some of the reasons that it didn't work out:
  • I wanted to use HTML5, so I employed the efforts of the Construct 2 engine. I literally got as far as having the lumberjack move around that ultimately wouldn't be the way I wanted him to move around. It's a nice environment to work in, but I just wasn't able to get it to do exactly what I wanted right away (what I would know how to do with AS3). I may have to stick to languages I'm familiar with until I get a better grasp on this HTML5 stuff.
  • I completed a bathroom remodel with my wife. I spent most of my free time painting, knocking down drywall compound and installing fixtures.
  • I had to finish up a freelance project due last Wednesday.
In any case, I'll be able to revisit this idea some time in the future. It also doesn't mean I'm giving up my quest! It just means I no longer have a blemish free record. Wins: 3 Losses: 1

On to next week!

PS: It's funny as the Global Game Jam also happened last week, something I really wanted to participate in. Go fig!

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