Webcomics and Flash Distribution

A thought came across my brain this morning regarding webcomics and distribution. I was thinking that it would be a good idea to package up my comics, either in volumes or complete archives, and then place them all into one Flash file for easy distribution.

Now this isn't to say that I'll change my site to a Flash based one. No, that would simply be awful and an SEO nightmare. It's to package it so people can enjoy a huge chunk of it at their favorite portals or simply download the SWF so they can enjoy the comics on their computer at their leisure without an internet connection.

Does anyone remember webcomic lists? It's definitely a very useful service, but navigating through those directories is a horrible experience. There's just too much content and it can be overwhelming. Webcomics can also fall victim to "horrendous web design", like your comic is buried 900 pixels beneath the fold where you've pasted your blog, tumblr, three ads and picture of your cat. It's not that you're a bad comic artist, you just may not know better.

In any case, I hope this idea is something that works... but is one that is only used for good. I can see it quickly taken advantage of and worthwhile distribution networks getting spammed up to their necks in these "comic compilation Flash travesties".

Are there any other avenues of distribution for content like webcomics? I'd be willing to give up all of those ad impressions (one per comic view) on my site if I can simply reach more people to just read the dang thing and minimally utilize ads at all (maybe one at start).