52 Weeks of Game Development = 52 Playables for 2012

52 Weeks of Game Development
I made a New Year's resolution earlier this week that I wanted to release a game very week of the year. Josie shunned the idea as she's a bigger fan of my games that are larger and more in-depth. I personally, due to time constraints and whatnot, am more interested in the exercise of fast prototyping and producing many works.

I've decided to combine a little from the two columns to see if I can keep this going. The rules for myself are as follows:
  • A new playable game is to be released by the Saturday of every week, 11:59pm PST.
  • The game can be made in any language.
  • I may revisit an old game released earlier in the year if changes to the actual gameplay are made. For example: I make a simple dice game one week and decide to add a new mode and computer opponents another week. That's allowed. Simply changing some graphics? That's not allowed.
  • The game has to be made from that Sunday, 12:00am PST to the Saturday, 11:59pm PST.
If you'd like to participate, I'd love to see your works too! Follow me on Twitter or message me your creation!

Let's use #52wogd as a Twitter hashtag.