52WOGD Week 1: Chance Dice (Flash)

52 Weeks of Game Development
Language: Flash (AS3)

Thoughts: The first week of "52 Weeks of Game Development" is complete. The game I created is called Chance Dice. I recently purchased this book called Dice Games Properly Explained because I've always had this affinity toward dice based games. I like the mix of luck and strategy because sometimes that "lucky roll" is equally as rewarding as it is frustrating.

I based this game off of the ruleset for the game "Evens and Odds". The game essentially has you rolling five dice, subtracting the odds sum from the evens sum. The original game has you pulling tokens from a central pot for any positive score (12 - 5 = 7 tokens from the pot to you, for example) and putting tokens back to the central pot for a negative score (8 - 10 = -2 tokens, for example).

I switched it up a little by adding the ability to hold dice at the cost of a roll. This way you can mitigate a terrible roll (let's say all odds) by holding on to the lowest one of the batch. This also allows you to balance whether or not it would be a good idea to sacrifice a roll (or more) to simply hold some good dice (like a pair of 6's).

I also formatted the game to be 480x320 so it would run on an iPhone. It's up for approval now and will be free to download. I'll let you know when it's officially launched.

Source: AS3 CS5 (~500kb)

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