Tactics Game: Some units and their attack ranges.

I've taken a step back from the Lunchtime Tabletop Game System because I realized that what I was trying to achieve, essentially make a travel version of Dungeons and Dragons: Castle Ravenloft, was turning into something that wasn't a travel version. It minimized the pieces somewhat, but you still needed a lot of room to play.

That's why I decided change it more into a tactics style game. Tactics style games are much easier to contain and deliver in a travel size. I think I could literally carry this around in an Altoids tin (outside of the battlefield), which is definitely a plus.

One of the big changes is that there is no initiative track. Like a normal tactics game (let's say Pokemon Conquest), you just take turns moving all your units. I decided that the Malifaux handle it a little better where players take turns moving one unit, not their whole army.

I've also taken into consideration attack patterns (how a unit can attack). Instead of having melee being only an adjacent square and ranged being determined by a number and some random counting, units attack based on the pattern on their Attack Grid. That's what you see with the black blocks and the little blocks with X's in them. I was playing a lot of Pokemon Conquest and feel that it's a good way to handle attacking in a real life game concerned with portability.

Anyway. I plan on playing next week with my buddy during lunch. It'll be a good test on how compact it really is.