52 WOGD Week 5: Mailing a Package

Week 5 of 52 for 52 Weeks of Game Development has arrived earlier than expected. I was actually going to do a word game, but have pushed that aside for this choose-your-own-adventure about my horrible experience at the post office yesterday. Mind you that it wasn't, strangely enough, the fault of the post office but of my own negligence.

The interesting thing is that I decided to use this piece of software called Twine. It's essentially a piece of software that let's you make interactive websites. I always find it easier to lay out ideas and game flow in my sketchbook, so finding software that mimics this (and is free) is always a plus. Its exported project is also a webpage, which makes it widely available for others to experience. I think it's a wonderful prototyping tool and would look into using it more in the future.

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